Cornerstone our Young Adult class meets Sunday Morning at 10 am, weekly, and is a newly formed study group for adults ages 18 through 40. This group is made up mostly of young couples with small children, though not exclusively. Cody Goodin and Zach Wilson are the facilitators for the class.

Ladies Class uses different study materials usually lasting 4 to 6 weeks at a time. They meet at 10 am Sunday morning each week. Marilyn Miller and Kim King are the facilitators for this class.

Newest Adult Class meets each Sunday morning at 10 am. There ages range from 4o something to 60 something. Durant Tullock and John Randall Cockrell are the teacher/facilitators for the class.

Senior Adults class meets Sunday morning at 10 am each week. There ages 60 and up. Annette Hall and Nancy Thompson are the teachers for this class.

All are welcome to come and be a part of the classes for Sunday Morning. If you have any questions, call the Church Office at 423-263-2087.